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Tips for Staying Active While on the Go

Maybe you’re wondering how to stay fit on holiday or thinking about the best way to keep in shape on a business trip. Well, the good news is that working out while travelling isn’t such a massive barrier but it does require a few adjustments and some preparation. Luckily, we’ve put together this guide that will give you a head start to finding a travel workout routine that suits you.

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Challenges of Staying fit While Travelling

We tend to travel for different reasons; for example, we may feel excited to be on a family holiday, or perhaps we have to travel for work which might not be quite as relaxing. Either way, the barriers to exercise are similar, so let’s look at a few of them.

Lack of Time

Lack of time thanks to a hectic schedule. Whether it’s a tour of the Colosseum or an early meeting, often you’re just not on your own schedule. Not only can this put your routine out, but it might mean you can’t make opening hours for any facilities you’ve found.

Diet Disruption

Diet disruption is a serious barrier to staying in shape because it’s always tempting to taste the local cuisine when you’re in a new place and who wants to be counting calories when you’re on holiday?

Lack of Facilities

A lack of facilities can also be a damper, especially if your regular workout requires particular equipment. While there are lots of chain gyms where you can get a decent workout, if you’re into powerlifting or Pilates reformer, it might be harder to find the facilities.
There can also be uncertainty on how to adjust your routine to make the most of what you’ve got at hand. For example, if you’re a big fan of cycling but can’t take your bike with you, you may feel like you’re missing out.

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Tips for Staying Active While on the Go

The good news is that while travel brings barriers, you can overcome them and ensure minimal disruption to your training. We’ve put together a few simple principles and some actionable tips that will help you feel like you’re not compromising your fitness just because you take a trip.

Plan Ahead

Preparation can make the difference between getting in some useful training or missing out completely. Here are some practical tips to set your expectations in advance and keep your workout going while you travel.

Book a hotel with a gym

You’re not alone in wanting to work out while you’re away and hotels are increasingly aware of that, and want to cater to it.

Take equipment with you

We don’t expect you to powerlift in your hotel room but you can definitely fit some resistance bands in your case. There are a number of other resistance-based products on the market designed to take with you but resistance bands are simple, inexpensive and can provide a good workout on-the-go. Also, don’t forget it’s really easy to fit running shoes into your travel bag.

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Exercise Anywhere

A holiday or business trip is a great excuse to try a new routine. There are lots of types of exercise that can be done in almost any location and require little equipment.

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are an increasingly popular way of working out and usually require little more than space to lie down and a mat. There are lots of online tutorials that can help you get up and running and find a quick workout that you could do in the park or in your hotel room.


Park gym facilities are another good option thanks to the increasing trend where an outdoor gym gets installed for the local community. It’s worth checking the park nearest to where you’re staying just to see if they’ve got a set because they’re often a good option for a workout away from home.

Incorporate Physical Activity into Your Travel Routine

Two great ways to get in some physical activity while you’re not at home are walking and swimming. They’re perfect for fitting into your schedule if you’re on holiday, because chances are there will be lots of tourist places spots for you to walk around. Also, if you’re lucky enough to be on a seaside trip, it’s the perfect excuse for a dip in the sea or a swim in the pool.

If you’re on a business trip, there’s also the option to leave a little earlier to get where you need to go and try walking there if it’s not too far. You could even ask some of your colleagues whether they’ve got time to give you a walking tour of the main areas.

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Take Advantage of Travel Opportunities

Why not try a running route around the location you’re visiting? There are lots of apps that can help you plan a route and you can even take in some scenery while you’re out. If you’re not used to running, you should make sure you don’t opt for a long, exhaustive route straight away as it’s important to pace yourself.

Check out gyms and sports facilities in advance. Lots of gyms realise we have busy lives and are trying to stay flexible to get new customers. It’s common practice to offer a day pass that will let you use their facilities for the whole day. Also, the big advantage of this is that you might find a gym with facilities that exceed what you’ll find at your hotel.

Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

You don’t even need facilities to get in some strength training either, thanks to the increasingly popular idea of the bodyweight workout. Here are a few exercises that will help you get some resistance training in…

  • Press-ups – these are a great upper-body exercise to help you work on your triceps.
  • Pull-ups – these are great in combination with press-ups because they help work on your biceps, amongst other muscles, so help bring balance to your upper-body workout.
    Squats – these will help you get a strength workout for your legs, with an emphasis on hamstrings and glutes.
  • Bear crawl – to do a bear crawl, get on all fours and move around. You don’t have to just move forward and it’s a great idea to go to the left and right and even move backwards. It’s great for a core workout.

These exercises should be fairly challenging but if you want to make them a little harder, you could make them explosive. For example, with a push-up you could lower yourself as slowly as possible, and push up fast enough to jump your upper-body into the air. With a squat, you could turn it into a star jump.

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How to Eat Healthily While Travelling

A little planning can go a long way with regards to your diet while travelling. If you’re staying somewhere with a mini-fridge, you’ve got the opportunity to shop for some healthy snacks and store them in the hotel room. You shouldn’t feel guilty if you want to eat what you like and enjoy, you’re on holiday after all, although if you want to stick to a strict diet, it’s still possible with some planning. If you’re lucky enough to be staying outside of a major city, you’ve got an opportunity to eat local and enjoy some regional cuisine. Probably one of the most important things to remember is to take plenty of water with you everywhere so you can stay hydrated, especially if your itinerary involves lots of walking, and double so if you’re in a hot place.

So, as we said it can be challenging to stay fit on holiday, but we hope we’ve given you a few concrete tips and ideas that will make it a bit easier to get a workout in and maintain your fitness. A little forward planning and flexibility can go a long way and help you find new and interesting ways to work out, whether you’re training for strength or cardio. Also, while you don’t have to stick strictly to a diet if you don’t want to, remember that the local cuisine is often an opportunity to try a new style of fresh and healthy food. Even if you feel that your workout is compromised a little with the facilities on hand, remember that the lightest workout you get is better than the heaviest workout you skip. So, stay healthy, stick to a routine and enjoy your trip!

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