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We can talk all we want about how we can help you and create change for life but the best the best way to get this message across is through people who have been there and are still smashing it.

Check out our amazing members below.

“I’ve done my 21-Day Challenge, and I can’t believe the impact it’s had on my mental wellbeing. I feel really energised, I’m just up for anything. I’ve lost 3kg of body fat, which I’m really chuffed with. I felt really welcomed by everyone. I hadn’t been into a gym for years and years, and I just feel very much part of the team.” – Chloe

“I’ve dropped from 19% to 16.5% in body fat and dropped 3kg in weight as well. What I love most about Coached is that it’s a small, intimate gym. The coaches are really good, I really look forward to coming here and I’m getting healthier and fitter and can see results in just a matter of weeks.” – Alan

“I’ve lost over a stone in the past 21 days, just by following what I’ve been guided with the nutrition and with the workouts, and nearly down a jean size. I decided to join Coached because I was looking for a really positive gym environment, and I’ve definitely found it. I didn’t think it would have as big an impact as it did.” – Demeltza


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